Construction Management

Construction Management

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Detailed project knowledge controls costs

Willow Frank offers a proactive approach to construction management that is dedicated to quality outcomes.

The goal is to ensure costs are kept low, while constantly working to improve the quality of the product by the contractor. A firm hands-on approach to delivering the client’s goal ensures expectations are not only met but consistently exceeded.

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We can help you with:

  • Devising a project budget in collaboration with the client
  • Issuing tenders to all trades and suppliers from documentation supplied by the consultant team and report back to the client
  • Managing all the nominated trades for the project acting as a consultant builder representing the client
  • Placing all orders and contracts for the works to meet programme and budget
  • Reporting back to the client on all construction aspects of the project
  • Managing all project control meetings
  • Liaising with all certifiers and authorities to secure the necessary approvals prior to and during the course of the project
  • Managing the approved project budget and programme throughout the project
  • Advising the client of all payments and deposits that need to be made to consultants and trades through the course of the project
  • Managing consultant reviews of the works
  • Managing the defects of the project and coordinate their rectification
  • Attending daily the site so to ensure compliance to programme and design