Approvals Management

Approvals Management

Services by Willow Frank

A proven track record in timely approvals

Willow Frank has a detailed understanding of navigating the approvals process, as often gaining the right approvals is the most important aspect in development success

Experienced in the minutiae of this process Willow Frank is able to ensure the approvals are obtained in a reasonable time frame in order to maximise the value to a project. The team’s experience of the approvals process ensures they avoid any unforeseen costs and negotiate approvals to safeguard the efficient running of the project.

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We can help you with:

  • Establishing approvals strategy to ensure maximum value is achieved
  • Establishing the appropriate project team
  • Managing the development application process
  • Development Applications (DA)
  • Rezoning applications
  • Master planning
  • Construction Certificates (CC)
  • Occupation Certificates (OC)
  • Complying Development Consents (CDC)
  • Liaising with relevant authorities (Government and service authorities)
  • Liaising with community groups